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December 27, 2017 | Weekly Commentary

We are optimistic about the long-term prospects of the U.S. economy. The new tax law will add $1.5 Trillion of stimulus. The upcoming Infrastructure bill will probably be passed in 2018 which will add upwards of $1 Trillion in stimulus. The economy should accelerate as a result of the stimulus. An accelerating economy adds to corporate profits and thus to stock prices over the next 5 to 10 years. All this stimulus is not good for bond investors because interest rates will probably rise during the upcoming 5 to 10 years. Higher interest rates means bonds that you already own will go down in value – and long-term maturity bond prices decline the most. We have already taken steps in portfolios to reduce maturities to attempt to protect portfolios against the risks of higher interest rates.

In the short-term, the stock market could experience a wave of selling in early 2018. Some stock investors have delayed taking profits until 2018 to take advantage of the new tax law rules. It is difficult to predict the length or severity of the selling pressure or even if it is noticeable. But, in the event the stock market drops, we would view this as a buying opportunity (keeping in mind our long-term favorable view).

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