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November 17, 2015 | Weekly Commentary

What is the impact of the terrorist attacks in Paris?  I do not know for sure.  So many variables exist, the outcome is unknowable at this time.

But, we believe the implications will be vast, far reaching, and BIG.

FOR EXAMPLE, we recall attending an investment conference last decade during which a futurist (one who forecasts what the future holds based upon his or her insights) predicted a number of developments – one of which was the demise of the European Union as a result of immigration and racial tensions.  I think we can see more clearly how that is a possibility.

Here in the United States the issue of States’ Rights (one of the causes of the Civil War) will come front and center in the debate over the Syrian refugees’ settlement within America. The topic of Syrian refugees will enter into the Presidential debates in the coming months.

And, France may invoke Article 5 of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) which, in effect, is a declaration of war by NATO on ISIL. Is it possible? YES. It was invoked after America was attacked on 9-11. Click here for a comprehensive description of the issues surrounding Article 5.

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