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February 7, 2017 | Weekly Commentary

So many discussions are happening behind the curtains in Washington. We are not privy to these discussions which creates difficulty in forecasting whether Congress will be able to move on major legislation such as income tax reform, infrastructure spending, and fixing the Affordable Care Act. But, there is a visible indicator available to give us a heads up on how well Congress is working with the Trump administration: the Nomination process (approval or disapproval of Trump nominees for the Cabinet).

As of today, the U.S. Senate has not voted against any Trump nominee. If this trend continues, this would be a sign of the Trump administration’s success in working with Congress to push forward its agenda. We will know soon because the Senate is expected to vote on Betsy DeVos Tuesday for Secretary of Education and Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Both are controversial nominees and their nominee votes are uncertain. So, these two pending votes are a visible sign of the working relationship being shaped.

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