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June 7, 2017 | Weekly Commentary

American Airlines is the largest airline in the world, serving nearly 200 million passengers a year. Soon, as those passengers settle into their seats and pick up their in-flight magazines, they’ll be reading all about the Lehigh Valley.

The region will be the subject of a 24-page supplement in next month’s issue of American Way, the most-read in-flight magazine in the world, highlighting the Lehigh Valley for millions of readers on an international platform bestowed on only a select few regions each year.

“The Lehigh Valley is in the midst of an economic renaissance,” said Carsten Morgan, Vice President of Special Projects for the London-based Ink Global, which publishes the magazine.

“The commercial landscape of today’s and tomorrow’s economy is vastly different than the stigmas and misnomers associated with the community,” Morgan said. “This is a story that hasn’t been presented to a global audience on this scale.”

The supplement feature, called Spotlight Lehigh Valley, is an economic development series that takes a detailed look at what makes a certain region a great place to invest, visit, or relocate, with a particular focus on global economic impact, business diversity, and innovation.

Source: Lehigh Valley Economic Development (READ MORE at LehighValley.org)

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