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May 13, 2014 | Weekly Commentary

After playing 37 games thus far, the Pittsburgh Pirates have been disappointing.  Their standing is next to last in their division with 5 more losses than victories.  But, watching the Pirates has certainly been exciting.  The Pirates currently lead the majors in “walk off” wins (defined as a hit or play which is Game-ending and game-winning immediately, and allowing the players to walk off the field).  It’s no wonder at the end of Sunday’s night game versus the St. Louis Cardinals, I was tremendously excited. The Pirates, playing at home, had fought back from a big deficit to pull within one run at the end of the 9th inning.  Against the Cardinal’s best relief pitcher, the Pirates loaded the bases with NO outs. My mind was active about thinking of all the scenarios:  fly ball to the outfield ties it, an extra base hit or a home run will win it.  A perfect opportunity for another “walk off”.

And, what happened?  The next batter popped up on the first pitch –out #1.  The next batter followed by hitting into a double play to end the game.  Pirates lose 6 to 5.  Disappointed again.  But it certainly was exciting.

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