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May 20, 2014 | Weekly Commentary

I made an “ace” on the 11th hole of Saucon Valley Country Club’s Old Course on Saturday.  An “ace” in golf is aka a Hole-in-1.

The 11th hole measures 146 yards and is well guarded by sand bunkers. The pin was located close to the front of the green so I chose to hit a 9 iron.  I hit the ball a little thin on more of a line drive than a perfect shot would dictate.  It was difficult to determine whether my ball hit the green or landed in the sand bunker in front of the green since my eyesight is not as sharp as it was in my younger years.  One of my foursome said he thought saw the ball hit and roll in, nevertheless, the excitement grew as we walked toward the green.  There was no ball in the sand bunker and, sure enough, there it was at the bottom of the cup.  Wow!  What a great feeling.

The odds of an average golfer hitting a hole in one:  12,000 to 1.  Saturday’s hole-in-1 was my second.  So, I feel blessed.

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