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October 7, 2014 | Weekly Commentary

If you dine out in the Bethlehem area, you might bump into my wife Jo Anne and me at one of our favorites:

Breakfast or Lunch:

Jumbars – 1342 Chelsea Ave, Bethlehem. Colorful, unique, high quality food worth the wait. http://jumbars.com

The Hellertown Diner – 29 Main St., Hellertown. “Typical” diner with atypical food, service and prices.


The Kingfish – 3833 Freemansburg Ave, Bethlehem. Thank you to the owners of Beck’s Land & Sea to open a new restaurant in my nook. The wine bar uses an argon gas system to ensure each glass of wine is served perfectly at 59 degrees. Chilean sea bass and the pork chop is the best around town. http://www.kingfishbethlehem.com

Apollo Grill – 85 W Broad St, Bethlehem. A social bar setting and a wonderful, wide assortment of appetizers is a demonstration of good things to come. http://www.apollogrill.com

Jo Anne and I are always looking for a new cuisine experience. So, please share your favorites with us.

Thomas M. Riddle
President, VNFA