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Relationships. Communication. Direction.

At Valley National Financial Advisors, we strive to create client relationships that will stand the test of time, grounded in in respect and understanding. Those relationships usually start with a simple phone call. That first encounter is a chance for our team to answer your initial questions and for us to learn more about your life and current goals. We want you to understand our purpose, our processes and our people so that you can tell us if you have found the right place.

If we agree that our services might be a fit for you, we will schedule an introductory meeting with a financial advisor. That “intro” meeting can be another phone call, an in-person meeting or a video chat, and is a chance for you and the advisor to get to know one another. The advisor will also analyze your basic financial information to see if our services will be in your best interests. If you both agree that it makes sense to move forward, the advisor will instruct you on how you can engage us to get started.

Our planning processes are outlined in clear steps so that you know what to expect from our team today and in the future. An experienced service team will guide you through the onboarding steps to becoming a client. That team – led by your financial advisor – is available to you any time to help.

As the years go by, we find that our client relationships become stronger and more integral part of the family dynamic. Time seems to pass very quickly and before we know it, we are assisting children and grandchildren.”

As a client, you can expect regular communication about progress and performance, as well as access to your personal financial data and reports via our secure eVault Client Portal and the VNFA mobile app. Prefer paper?  We are able to personalize each experience based on individual preferences and client need. Additionally, your service team and advisor are always just a phone call or e-mail away. We take pride in providing prompt and efficient service to our clients.