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Valley National Financial Advisors have in-depth knowledge of the state and federal tax laws in order to implement appropriate strategies for your specific financial situation.

Tax Planning
Our experienced CPAs and tax preparation specialists work closely with your financial advisor to minimize tax exposure as part of your overall financial plan. Having the entire team in-house means there is no need for a third party accountant and your tax planning can be easily integrated into your ongoing financial planning.

Tax law can be very complex and is always changing. Valley National monitors these changes and complexities throughout the year coordinating them with your existing financial plans to reduce your tax liability.


2021 Tax Filing Q&A

Changes to VNFA Tax Process
Our Tax Department continues to roll out efficiencies to make the tax preparation process easier for our clients. New this year…

  • Required Forms
    Tax preparation clients will receive a combined paper packet with engagement, questionnaire, and personalized organizers with document checklists. These will be mailed in January and should be used as a guide when collecting tax source documents.
  • Tax Documents
    Please only deliver your completed packet once you have all of your documents collected so that we can accept and track one file for your tax return preparation. NOTE: If you received an e-mail inviting you to experience our new Client Collaboration tool, you will not receive a paper packet.
  • Delivery Options
    You may mail, drop-off or scan and upload your documents to your eVault client portal. Our office will be open for you to drop off your tax return information Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 4 PM. NOTE: If you are engaged with our New Jersey office for tax preparation, please contact them directly for drop off instructions and office hours.
  • Acceptable Digital Files
    If you provide your documents electronically through the portal, we request that you please refrain from submitting picture files (such as .jpeg or .png) as these take extensive time for us to convert to a usable format for our systems. Instead, please consider downloading the tax documentation directly from the vendor’s website or scanning the documentation through either a scanner or one of the various applications available on your mobile phone. PDF files are preferred. We also request that you please e-mail tax@valleynationalgroup.com when you have finished uploading your documentation.
  • Due Dates
    The filing deadline for tax returns is April 18, 2022. To meet this deadline, we request that you deliver all your tax documents to our office on or before March 31st. If we do not receive your documentation by this date, your return may need to go on extension. Please remember an extension only extends your filing date to October 15th. If you have a balance due on your tax return, your payment is still due April 18th

Tax Return Inquiry

For clients to reach out about the status of their return, or to ask questions of our service team.
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