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Did You Know…?

October 4, 2022 | Weekly Commentary

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month AND Financial Planning Month

Cybersecurity TIP
by Rob Ziobro, AVP Technology
What is the one thing keeping people from gaining access to your accounts? Your PASSWORD! So, would you feel protected when using a generic password like Password or 123456? And so many people do just that. We recommend using the most secure password as possible. Something with UPPER case, lower case, numbers, and symbols is great, and the longer the better. Did you know that a longer password can technically be stronger than a shorter, complex password? It’s due to its Entropy! Entropy is a calculation of password randomness in bits. Next week: find out how we can add another layer of security on to your accounts.

Financial Planning TIP
by Jaclyn Cornelius, CFP®, EA – VP / Financial Advisor
In times like we are currently experiencing (current market downturn), we suggest that clients be in more communication with us (their financial advisor). Everything from their thoughts, big financial decisions, upcoming cash flow needs or any other potential changes. We find that increased communication is an important key to weathering storms like what we are all going through right now. We often check back against the Financial Plan we prepared and that helps calm a client’s nerves to see that they are still on track given current market conditions.