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Did You Know…?

October 25, 2022 | Weekly Commentary

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month AND Financial Planning Month

Safe Senders and Ransomware 
By Rob Ziobro, AVP Technology
Did you know that you can add our domain to your Safe Senders list? Due to the nature of our business, we need to discuss finances through e-mail at times. For obvious reasons, spam filters don’t always like that, and we may be mistakenly categorized as “Junk.” The easiest way to keep receiving the emails we send is to add your Service Team’s email addresses to your e-mail “Whitelist.” If you are available to whitelist our full domain, even better. 

The last topic for the month that I would like to discuss is the dreaded pop-up and ransomware. If you ever see a pop-up on your computer telling you to call Microsoft right now, to fix an issue or your computer will explode, please do not fall for their scare tactics. Immediately shutdown your computer by holding the power button or by pulling the plug. Usually, a website will be hijacked to display these false claims. Once they are clicked, bad things can start happening. Don’t waste time trying to read pop-ups or clicking to perform a proper shutdown. The quicker you end the process before it can do harm, the better. 

Listen to a recent recording of “Your Financial Choices” radio from WDIY 88.1FM when Rob was a guest discussing Cybersecurity Awareness and the hot topics that everyone should know to stay safe. Cybersecurity – Your Financial Choices Radio

What is a Financial Plan?
According to Charles Schwab, there are eight major components to a good financial plan:

  1. Financial goals
  2. Net worth statement
  3. Budget and cash flow planning
  4. Debt management plan
  5. Retirement plan
  6. Emergency funds
  7. Insurance coverage
  8. Estate plan

Want to dive in to these “8 Components of a Good Financial Plan,” read the full article by Charles SCHWAB or ask one of our professionals about VNFA’s Financial Roadmap.