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Did You Know…?

April 4, 2023 | Weekly Commentary

Easter is also a time to celebrate the arrival of spring!

Easter is a holiday that marks the arrival of spring, new beginnings, and hope. It is celebrated by many people worldwide with traditions such as Easter egg hunts, the Easter Bunny, and springtime festivals. The Easter egg has become a popular symbol of Easter, representing new life and renewal.

The Easter Bunny is another popular symbol of Easter, known for bringing Easter eggs and treats to children who have been good throughout the year. Many people also celebrate the arrival of spring by planting new flowers, enjoying outdoor activities, and participating in community events. As we celebrate Easter this Sunday, Apr 9, 2023, let us cherish our loved ones, enjoy the beauty of spring, and spread joy and kindness to those around us.

Your VNFA family wishes you a joyful Easter filled with love and laughter.