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January 3, 2023 | Weekly Commentary

Fourth quarter estimated tax payments are due January 16, 2023. 

Depending on your situation, these estimates may include federal, state, and/or local vouchers. If quarterly estimates were recommended when we prepared your 2021 return, they would be included with your tax return. If you requested a paper copy of your return, the instructions, vouchers, and envelopes were included in your tax folder. If you requested an electronic copy, the instructions and vouchers were included in your action-needed copy posted to your client portal. 

Please follow the applicable instructions previously provided to mail your payment and voucher by January 16, 2023. There may be situations where the estimates were generated, but an overpayment was applied in full or partially. If your income or withholdings have significantly changed since last year and you still need to discuss these changes with your advisor, please get in touch with your tax preparer to review. If you change or do not make the estimate, please inform your tax preparer at tax filing time.